Class Letter and Contract, Fall 2010

John Robinson - Language Lab Instructor
City College of San Francisco, Mission Campus
1125 Valencia Street, San Francisco
Language Labs, Room 325, 326

Fall Semester, 2010

Dear Student,

I would like to welcome you to this class. I want to congratulate you for your hard work. You have already learned a lot of English. I want tell you a little bit about the class you will be taking. The class is a language lab. Therefore, we will be using this equipment often. We will listen to dialogues, record them, and practice them with each other. These practical conversations from everyday life in America will help you understand the rhythm, intonation, and grammar of English. You will have the opportunity to record your own voice as you practice these conversations. We will also study pronunciation, grammar exercises, reading, and writing.

1. Pronunciation exercises. In each pronunciation lesson, you will practice a different vowel or consonant sound. Every day, we'll study about twenty five words that contain the sound. These exercises are good for increasing your vocabulary, too.

2. Grammar exercises from different grammar textbooks.

3. Exchanges, Grammar Talk, and Dialogue Workout. These are conversation practices that help you to practice speaking while learning grammar.

4. Voice of America Reading Selections: Each reading selection is an interesting article. Each one has a lot of new vocabulary. You can increase your vocabulary while reading something you will enjoy. There are many different topics such as adventures, history, music, art, biography, science, and sports.

5. - website for grammar exercises, pronunciation,and dialogue practice.

For the Level Three and Level Five classes, we are going to use Side by Side by Bill Bliss.

8:30 AM, Level 3; Side by Side, Book 2 (red color)
10:30 AM, Level 5; Side by Side, Book 3 (green color)
12:30 PM, (Monday and Wednesday), Level 5 to 9; Listening and Pronunciation. No Book Required

Side by Side is an excellent book. It uses many conversation practices to teach grammar. You will learn conversation and grammar at the same time. The book also contains reading and listening exercises. I hope you will find these exercises useful and interesting. Each chapter in the book has a recorded lesson. We will work with these recordings.

We will have frequent listening tests and dictations to give you an opportunity to practice listening and writing.

I know we are going to learn a lot together this semester. Please remember that this is your class. Feel free to ask any questions that you want. Also, your suggestions and comments are always welcome.


This is an agreement between the student and the teacher.

1. I will not chew gum in the language lab at any time.


2. I will not eat food or candy, or drink anything in the
language lab.

3. I will be very careful with the equipment. I will not draw on my desk. I will not use a pen or a mechanical pencil. I will clean all debris off my desk before I leave for the day.

4. I will attend the language lab regularly. The 8:30 AM, and 10:30 AM classes meet Monday to Friday. The 12:30 PM to 2:35 PM class meets Monday and Wednesday.

5. I am aware that if I am late for class, I might be placed in the adjoining language lab, Room 325. There are usually more than 37 students registered, and Room 326 might be full.

6. In case I must be absent, or in case I cannot come on time every day, or in case I must leave early every day, I will tell the teacher.

7. I will call the main Mission Campus number, 920-6000, in case I must be absent more than three days.

8. I understand that I have to buy the book if it is required. The books are available in the Campus Bookstore.

8:30 AM, Level 3 - Side by Side Book Two (Red Color)
10:30 AM, Level 5, - Side by Side, Book Three (Green Color)
12:30 PM M, W. No Book Required

9. I will pay attention in this language lab. I will not talk while the teacher is talking. I will sit straight at my desk. I will not lean my head on the wall or on the sides of my desk.

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