Preposition Practice

Choose the correct prepositions: in, on, at, to, from, next to, before, or after. Check your answers by clicking on the little box to the right of each sentence.

1. Pedro is Cuba.

2. She always goes to the supermarket Friday.

3. Bill went to the movies nine o'clock.

4. Sue and Jan went for a walk the park.

5. Mary is writing a letter her mother.

6. Always wash your hands you eat.

7. What time do you get up the morning?

8. The Jones family lives the Smith family.

9. We go the movies every Saturday.

10. Bob is waiting the bus stop.

11. She is going to Puerto Rico July.

12. November comes October.

13. Harry works the office the first floor.

14. John likes to sit me at lunch.

15. The bank is the corner of Dudley St. and Columbia Road.

16. It's raining Maimi today.

17. We get letters John every week.

18. Betty is talking the teacher.

19. He's looking the pictures in the museum.

20. October always comes November.

21. Monday always comes Sunday.

22. Where is he

23. Please sit the red chair.

24. What does Fred do Mondays?

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