Christmas in America: Music and Traditions of a Merry Season.

Christmas Tree at Rockerfeller Center, New York City

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Please remember our website. Think of it as your personal library and school. If you're an English learner, there is a lot do here. It is a fine supplement to whatever class you're taking in English. If you cannot attend an English class, you get practically all that you need right here. Mission Language Lab is designed by an experienced ESL teacher who understands exactly the process of learning English. John Robinson has taught thousands of students from many different countries. Throughout his 30 year career, he has paid careful attention to the needs of his students and taken very seriously their ideas and input. From this information and based on his knowledge, he has assembled a large storehouse of exercises and articles. Here you will find a quantity of conversation practices in the form of dialogues. They all called Grammar Talk, Dialogue Workout, and Exchanges. For pronunciation, you will find Consonant Practice and Vowel Practice. For grammar, you'll discover every point of grammar in the English language. First, there is Basic English and then Grammar Practice for intermediate and high intermediate English.

John Robinson has gathered and written articles and stories for the Mission Language Lab Network of websites. For many of these articles, there is a comprehension check to test your understanding of the article you're reading. This activity is very helpful in learning reading. For each article, there is an audio player so that you can listen and read at the same time. Since 2009, students have found these articles very helpful in their learning progress. Then, there is the content. It is very important for your mind to experience a diversity of content. That's why the articles cover a wide range of subjects: history, science, art and architecture, music, biography, and literature. These subjects reflect a Liberal Arts education. For the entire thousand year history of the University the Liberal Arts were prominent. It is only recently that higher education training has shifted to greater emphasis on specialization and courses in art and music have been cut or greatly diminished. This is an unfortunate trend because many studies have confirmed that a broad Liberal Arts background can make you a more well rounded person and a better and more creative worker. Liberal Arts gives you the joy of discovery and the happiness that can result for honoring your curiosity and exploring new worlds. At the same time, you're continuing to learn more English, so you're adding to your language learning experience. This is known as a "Win-win situation".

WELCOME TO MISSION LANGUAGE LAB. Hope you enjoy the article you wanted to read and that you'll explore more articles and exercises here.

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